Burning Man alumni artist Laura Kimpton is bringing a new monumental immersive art installation to Black Rock City–Kimpton has envisioned an enchanting fire-breathing art piece.

“DREAM WITH ME Forest is constructed of 100 ten-foot trees of rusted core steel arranged in a grid formation. each tree is uniquely designed with engravings and cutouts of provocative, powerful words and symbols.”


The Forest is lit with dancing multi-colored lights that shine through the trees–creating a reflective, meditative dream-like experience. Like “moths to a flame” each corner of the installation is flanked by interactive flaming trees. The epicenter contains a meditative clearing, lit with glittering lights for self-reflection and connection on their transcendental journey.


The Forest will be visible at night to citizens of Black Rock Desert for miles. Visitors can interact with the installation by pushing buttons to project the flames into the sky. The visual impact night or day allows visitors to experience two different journeys to lose their sense of self, to dance, laugh and let go.


DREAM WITH ME Forest like all of Kimpton’s past installations at Burning Man reflects this approach as though “it was never there”. Through interactive fundraising in 2022, Kimpton is pledging the donation of a planted tree on behalf of each sponsor via ONE TREE PLANTED–a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation.

Laura Kimpton is the conceptual force behind the Monumental Word Series that began in 2009 at Burning Man. An accomplished artist who focuses on positivity, personal emancipation, mental health, well-being and art as therapy. Kimpton’s work consists of painting, mixed-media installations and sculpture. Her creativity stems from a desire to question traditional views on social interaction, sparking art reaction and discussion from her viewers that ultimately complete and are reflected in her work. Kimpton is always exploring new mediums in her search for invigorating means of communication. She has a circular economy mindset that repurposes, recycles and reuses discarded materials into many of her pieces. She has exhibited in New York City, Salt Lake City, Reno, Riverside and San Francisco, and internationally in Puerto Rico, Mexico and China. She lives in California.