Laura Kimpton is the conceptual force behind the Monumental Word Series that began back in 2009 at the annual Burning Man art event in Nevada.  Jeff Schomberg has collaborated with Laura in building and installing her revolutionary conceptual designs. Viewers are encouraged to interact with each word on their own terms. These Monumental Word sculptures often evoke varied emotions and interpretations, and can mean different things to different people. Kimpton’s 12 foot tall # was selected as one of the most influential work of the decade (Artnet News, December 23, 2019).

The series has been widely embraced across the globe. XOwas selected as part of the Renwick Gallery (Smithsonian) Burning Man exhibition.  Several municipalities have installed words to capture the essence of their cities. The City of West Palm Beach, Florida purchased BE ART, their first large-scale art purchase in over two decades. The City of Arlington, Texas purchased DREAM, which was installed at the Dream Park located near the Dallas Cowboy’s Football Stadium.  The City of Reno, Nevada purchased BELIEVE as a tribute to the city’s revitalization, its “Renossaince”.

Kimpton’s Monumental Words have been displayed at the Sundance Film Festival, the Life is Beautiful festival, the TED Conference, and the University of California Riverside. The Venetian in Las Vegas purchased a LOVE, proudly displayed in their two-story waterfall atrium. In 2015 LOVE was featured at the BottleRock Music Festival in Napa, California to great excitement and acclaim. Kimpton’s Monumental Word installations have been purchased by the Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, California as part of their permanent collection, and have been purchased for several prominent private collections across the country. After the horrific wildfires that ravaged Napa County’s Wine Country, a photograph of LOVE against the background of destruction became not only the cover of AAA Magazine, but also a beacon of hope for the community.

Articles on and images of the Monumental Word series have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, The Press Democrat, Town and Country, SF Magazine and Inc, to name a few. Kimpton’s Words have been exhibited in New York City, Salt Lake City, Reno, Riverside, and San Francisco, as well as internationally in Puerto Rico and China. Her sculptures have been included in exhibitions at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art, Santa Rosa Junior College Museum, Sonoma Museum of Art and galleries in New York and the Bay area. Her innovative Kimpton Forest, a group of 40 steel trees, was commissioned and featured at Tulum, Mexico’s Art With Me festival.

Kimpton’s work consists of painting, mixed-media installations and sculpture. Her creativity stems from a desire to question traditional views on social interaction, invoking through her art a reaction and discussion from her viewers that ultimately complete her projects. Kimpton is always exploring new mediums in her search for invigorating means of communication. Kimpton lives in Los Angeles, California.